GWA Group Limited

GWA Door & Access Systems is a leading Australian designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of a comprehensive range of access and security systems and door hardware for use in residential and commercial premises. The product range is distributed under Australian brands including Gainsborough, Trilock, TradePro, Austral Lock and international brands including Salto, Lorient and Eco Schulte.

GWA Door & Access Systems was expanded in 2012 to include API Locksmiths which is an Australian supplier of security and access control systems and locksmithing services to major commercial enterprises.

GWA has grown since listing as a result of the strong performance of the core building fixtures and fittings businesses and through successful acquisitions. The Group remains committed to growing shareholder wealth through organic growth initiatives in target market segments and acquisitions that add value to its core businesses by supporting expansion into new markets or providing access to new products and solutions.